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Production and trade of tailored and standard technical articles, in plastic for
modern building, insulation, roofing and flooring


NOVAplast Srl operating for over thirty years in the field of molding plastics and in particular specializes in the production of technical articles for the construction industry with high quality materials, creating specific items that contribute to the innovation of traditional systems, investing in certifications and CE mark. Always available on the advice of customers to new improvements, also thanks to the control of the production cycle.

Novaplast has an always stocked warehouse, responds quickly to quotes and delivery with the best available carriers.

Fixing system for coats

Suitable for fixing insulating panels of brickwork concrete and hollow bricks

Plastic articles for construction building All products

Classification "EXPANDING ANCHORS" sleeve with a head and an expanding nail made with high-quality plastic material that guarantees long life.

The recognition of the anchor use is provided in accordance with the ETAG 014 used as a European assessment document (EAD).
The anchor may only be used for the fixing of external thermal insulation systems in compliance with ETAG 004 guideline and a multiple fixing anchor of composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS).
The intended use of the anchor in the base material such as concrete walls, brickwork made of brick elements filled or punched.

The factory production control certificate of conformity 0970 - CPR- 0107 / EC / FPC15 certifies and attests that all provisions concerning the assessment and verification of the constancy of performance, as described in European Technical Assessment (ETA) 15/0487.